Mythic Mortal

Mythic Mortals is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game where you and your friends play as your real-world selves suddenly granted incredible powers. Created by David Schirduan the game focuses on providing short, satisfying play sessions filled with action-packed combat, it’s perfect for jumping right into the action!

Inspired by Metal Overtüre, the power of Rock and Metal music I was asked to create a playmat for the successful Kickstarter.

The Metalhead

The Metalhead focuses on crowd manipulation but also has enough force to headbutt someone through a wall.

Okay, I LOVE the Metalhead! Normally IRL I prefer playing more dulcit tones, but I think I might have a lot of fun with this one. Bards are a great concept in any game, but this 'rock bard' may be the best execution I've seen ever! Eric Sheldahl

You can grab this playmat now by picking up the Crowd Pleasers expansion. Not only do you get the Metalhead but you also get The Gunfighter by Grant Howitt, renowned for his fun loving game Goblin Quest and The Wrestler by Nathan Paoletta, famous for the PbtA game World Wide Wrestling. You'll also get the adventure "4 Dangerous Bosses" that is being advertised as a serious challenge, even for veterans.