Steel System

The Steel System is a generic rpg that can be used for any rpg setting with little change.

The Steel System is inspired by the Wushu System but a few things have been changed. I've tried to keep the Player/GM retort that I liked about Wushu and added as much as possible to try and entice players into describing more. Task resolution is a bit more individual, making it similar to traditional rpg's. This has its pros and cons but the positives are that the barrier to entry is lowered and people can be eased into the idea of describing their actions more adventurous. The dice pool has changed from d6 to d10. This is simply because I'm a massive Exalted fan and the more dice, the better.

The steel system has been realised completely free under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License meaning that it can be modified or hacked as well as distributed through any means, be it commercial or open source. If you do choose to hack the Steel System please get in touch. I'd love to read the outcome.