Kung Fu Panda The Bodacious rpg

Kung Fu bodacious ass kicking built with the Steel System. Skadoosh.

Train at the Jade Palace and help Po defeat evil mmasterminds, protect the valley of peace from dangers and most of all help him get out of trouble.

Kung Fu Panda takes place in a fictional alternate China populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals in an era where martial arts still play an integral role in people's daily lives. It centers around Po; a Panda, Kung Fu fan boy and also the Dragon Warrior. Awesome.

His task, along with the Furious Five and Master Shifu is to keep the Valley of Peace safe from a never ending series of catastrophes that seems to hit this tranquil little town.

The Steel System handles fast combat motivating your players to provide over the top descriptions to give you the kung fu feel of the cartoon. The book is a stand alone rpg giving you all the rules and advice to play with Po.

Kung Fu Panda © is owned by DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved. I do not own any of the Kung Fu Panda intellectual property or claim to do so.