Hometime Adventures

Hometime Adventures is an rpg set about the house and players take on the roles of children's toys. They protect the house and sometimes the big bipedal animals that live there.

Characters are unique toys that can sometimes be a Frankenstein's monster of different toys. The skill system is based very much on the right tool for the job and stitching together different parts may help you overcome obstacles in your way. Although the game can be played with small children. It's the dark undertones that make the game special. The toys should explore the grim things that are always around children but maybe they don't see.

This was my entry for Paul Czege's (Author of The Clay that Woke, +PaulCzege) #threeforged rpg challenge. The idea was to create an anonymous rpg that would be modified by three other contestants to create an rpg that was the combined sum of three rpg designers.

Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky designers who's entry had no work done on it. Both designers who were assigned to work on my game for stage 2 and 3 did not hand in any changes. If you wish to try and improve my entry, the google doc below has comments switched and it would be much appreciated.