Roleplaying Games

MIDGAR A FFVII hack for Blades in the Dark

Midgar is a Final Fantasy VII hack for Blades in the Dark. Drag yourselves out of the slums while dealing with Shinra and the abominations they've created. read more

Currently Running

He's Just Sleeping - Blades in the Dark

Panic on the streets of Doskvol - Blades in the Dark

Current characters

Bentley (Eon) - Mlox Jack who Wears a sheen of Ice - Numenera

Thistle - Whisper - Blades in the Dark

Steel System

The Steel System is a generic rpg system. It really hits its stride with anime style rpg's where the restraints of physical reality don't matter much, although it can be used for any rpg setting with little change. read more

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu bodacious ass kicking. Skadoosh. read more

Hometime Adventures

Hometime Adventures is an rpg set about the house and players take on the roles of children's toys. They protect the house and sometimes the big bipedal animals that live there. read more

Demon Hamster Necromancers of the Abyss

Play as a demonic hamster backed with the power of Necromancy. Head off into the world and create a new family… of undead. read more

Noughts and crosses

Whatever the reason, you hear voices in your head. Sometimes they help you with powers beyond your belief but nothing is free. They have goals of their own. Each time they help it becomes easier and easier for them to take control of your own body.

Is the power they bring really worth having your body become a play thing? read more

Games from other authors

Mythic Mortals

Mythic Mortals is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game where you and your friends play as your real-world selves suddenly granted incredible powers. Created by David Schirduan the game focuses on providing short, satisfying play sessions filled with action-packed combat, it’s perfect for jumping right into the action! read more

Alternative Settings

Haiiro no ryōiki 灰色の領域

Tokyo. 2358 anno domini. 1 post-primum contactum. First contact with an alien species.

Japan has been taken over by demons. Play as one of the last remaining humans. Are you heavily cybered? Or has your genes been spliced with animal dna? Maybe you've developed telekinesis from you're unquestioning faith?

Jump into the sci fi fantasy of futristic Japan in this over the top anime rpg. read more

Paranoia: Britannia Edition

A british take on the classic Paranoia setting. read more


The Firefly setting where the teraforming process created a new form of life, Pokémon. read more


Why are Slimes only found in caves? FATE core supplement

A FATE core supplement for building characters by gaining skills and stunts from fallen foes.

Built as a supplement for 2016 200 word rpg challenge.

Jedi pre-gens

Jedi Wushu is the star wars hack of the Wushu system. To get started follow the link to some pre-gen Jedi padawans and their masters.

Apprentice system

A basic apprentice system for Wu Xing: The ninja crusade.


Extra weapons for Wu Xing: The ninja crusade.

Way of Mirrors

A new Wushu path for Wu Xing: The ninja crusade. This path uses wushu to travel between mirrors and create copies of the ninja.

Way of Survival

Extra wushu powers for the Way of Survival, a Wushu path in Wu Xing: The ninja crusade.

Previously Ran

What lies beyond - Mindjammer (FATE)

Eye of the storm - Apocalypse World

In the morning - All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Reddit's Living Campaign - Shadowrun 5e

KISS Saves Santa - Savage Worlds

Way of the Ronin - Wu Xing ~ The Ninja Crusade

Previous Characters

Eldridh Holimion - Druid Ranger - Hoard of the Dragon Queen (D&D 5e)

アナヤ中村 - Monitor support - Devil Survivor 2 (Mini 6)

Billy - Pokemon tamer - Pokemon (FATE)

Buddy Red - Demonic blues player - Spirit of the century (FATE)

Yurei - Inari shinto exorcist - Shadowrun 5e

Who - Gravekeeper - Numenera

Whisper in the Dark - Abyssal - Exalted 2.5e

Tag - Sniper w/ Drone support - Shadowrun 5e

Universally Shared Psychosis

Universally shared psychosis follows the poor unfortunate souls that are burden with the illness by the same name.

As reality collapse all around them, showing the world for how it really is, these defenders of humanity must fend off the delusions from entering this world. Suffering from not viewing the bright and beautiful, they see a dark universe where all kind of nightmares exist. read more